Download ES File Explorer Latest APK For Android

The fantastic tool for you that is not available in your smartphone but is very useful for us. What, If I tell you about an app which will help you in managing your apps more diligently. Today we are talking about ES File Explorer PRO. It may look like a regular file manager for the ES file explorer Mod Apk. But if you dig deeper, you’re going to be surprised to see what ES file explorer is of real potential.

ES File Explorer Pro Apk Free Download Latest Version For Android (6)

ES File Explorer Pro

ES File Explorer Pro is a great file and program management tool. It comes with a host of additional features such as a tool to kill running applications, direct cloud drive storage (through Dropbox, Google Drive, or Skydrive), and an FTP client so you can use it on both your mobile device and PC. The program allows any Android user to manage all their files easily, be able to access and share anything on their mobile device if they so wish.

Now it’s even easier to upload photos, watch movies, and manage your 3G connection. When working with your files, you will have the classic options on desktop computers like copying, pasting, cutting, creating, deleting, and renaming. However, you can also send files via email to anyone. You can also decompress ZIP or RAR files, access document content in many different types of files, and even access your computer’s content through a WiFi network. For those more advanced Android users, ES File Explorer Pro APK is a very useful tool, as it places tons of possibilities at your fingers.

Download ES File Explorer Pro Mod APK

Downloading it is a straightforward process. You need to click on the download button below to start the download. It may take a while. Do not hurt.

ES File Explorer Pro

Package Name
License Premium
Op. System Android
Requires Android 4.1.0 and up
Category File Management
Language English (41 more)
Author ES APP Group
Size 21.49MB
Downloads 50,757,139+

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How to Install ES File Explorer Pro?

After your download gets completed, click on the downloaded apk to make it install on your device. It might ask you to tick on the allow apps from external sources option on your device’s settings. Don’t worry and click on. It won’t cause any harm.

Key Features of Es File Explorer:

Managing Files:  Android’s great thing is that you can access folders directly from a computer via USB on your device. But sometimes from a computer, you need to access files. ES File Explorer PRO mod apk allows you to do this by accessing your device’s folders. An application manager, task killer, and download manager are also available in the app. Support for cloud storage accounts such as Dropbox, Google Drive, and OneDrive is another great feature. This means that without using a separate app, you can download files directly to the folders you want. The built-in ZIP and RAR files are also supported so that you can access compressed files without first unpacking them on your computer. If you are concerned about security, you can use AES 256 bit encryption to create encrypted ZIP files. If you have an on-the-go USB drive, you can access it native to ES File Explorer without having to root your device.

Easy and Useful:  Every Android user should use a file explorer. It makes it much easier to manage folders or download content than to connect to your computer. It’s really easy to access and manage files via your cloud storage account if you have a good Wi-Fi connection. But if you want to download large files quickly, you need to be careful that the app might crash.

ES File Explorer Pro Features

Access your Computer from Android over WiFi:

 From your Android, you can browse your computer directly. Start by opening your ES file explorer Pro apk and then swipe the screen from left to right into the quick access menu. Tap Network > LAN > Scanning. Tap that and enter the login credentials once you see your computer name. And that’s what it is.

Browsing android files from your PC, This one is useful to transfer large files to Android from your PC. I used Airdroid before knowing about this feature, but no longer.

Update: Due to the interface, I switch back to Airdroid > Network > Remote Manager > turn on from your ES file explorer. Once you start the service, an FTP URL will be displayed by the ES file manager.

Quickly Uninstall multiple apps

Open your ES file explorer > Library > App to uninstall various applications at once. Select and tap the apps you want to uninstall. All apps selected are uninstalled one by one.

Hiding media from the Gallery

If you want to hide the content of any folder, rename the folder to appear in your gallery (or lollipop user photo) by adding a full stop in front of its name.

Extract apk from your install apps

From the quick access menu > go to Library > Apps > Select the application you want to extract from.apk > and from the bottom, menu selects a backup option.

Quickly Transfer big files between two Android

Use the same WiFi network to connect the two androids. You can create a hotspot from one device if you don’t have WiFi and connect the other to it.

Next, start ES File Manager > select the files you want to transfer > then tap the send option > list the other Android files, select them and drain the send files.

Remove pre-installed system apps [ROOT]

Start file explorer > root explorer > turn it on > tap the root to explore name > select ‘ uninstall system app ‘ from the top menu to uninstall system apps. With the list of all system apps, a window will open, select the application you want to uninstall, and tap the uninstall app at the bottom.

Installing Any App As System App [ROOT]

This takes place in two parts.

First, move the apk as a system app folder (from the app you want to install). Copy the apk in the clipboard to do this and navigate to Local > Device > System > App and paste your apk.

The second part requires that you change your permission. To do this, select the > paste > tap’ more’ in the bottom right > select permission > change the permission to what is shown below.

Deleting pattern lock on android

Store Android pattern is’ gesture.key.’ file that can be found under Local > Device > Data > System. If you delete this file, it will disable your lock pattern. It’s cool to trick your friends into a prank. If you forget your pattern lock on a rooted device, however, it can be handy, and your screen is ON. Then you can easily delete your pattern with this trick. And on the flip side, if you turn your screen off and don’t know the pattern of unlocking, unlocking it will be difficult. I once walked through the same situation, but I couldn’t remember that. I finally formatted my device as a result.

Use ES file explorer as browser

Another feature less known to ES file manager is built-in internet apps such as Facebook, Google, and YouTube. Now it’s not a replacement for the original Facebook app or browser like Chrome. But if your friends want to log in to their account, you can use it, and you don’t want to sing yours. Since Facebook’s native app causes a massive drain of batteries and has some of the worst permissions, I’ve seen a lot of people uninstall the original app and use Facebook’s ES file explorer.

Extract the content of any Android App

This is useful when you’re playing the game on your Android and want to see its music file, or you want to extract pictures from wallpaper apps, etc. Start by taking a backup of the app, (see 5) and remove it once you get your apk. You’re going to notice some files. In the assets folder, music and image files are usually found.

There are a lot of other features of Es File Explorer Pro apk apart from these. To make it more transparent and understandable, all you’ve got to do is to download and start using it. Saying is not just enough for this app. It’s an excellent and time-saving app for your android. As mentioned above, it comes with a lot of super-brilliant features which your regular android does not consists off. This single app can do 15 + apps work. For example, it can extract apk & uninstall multiple apps at once, transfer files over WiFi to your computer, encrypt folders, edit host files and much more.